About Blog

This blog was started to chronicle the year-long sabbatical of the blogger as he sought to understand the fascinating world of social enterprises. The May 2011 post (Boiling the social enterprise ocean) provides a slice into the kind of social enterprises TechSangam would be covering. Categories of focus include agriculture, rural markets, financial inclusion, education, health, rural tourism, water, sanitation, and off-grid energy. Inspiration for this blog came from Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End.

The blog inexorably lost some steam as the sabbatical reached a logical end. A pivotal epiphany in this blog’s journey was shared in Sep 2016 - Dropping the social in social entrepreneur.

About Blogger

On Twitter, he describes himself as Runner. Squasher. Imperfect Vegan. Kaizenly minimalist. Officially @gojektech. Occasionally blog at http://ulaar.com & @TechSangam. If you are curious about his career trajectory, prepare to yawn. A less boring (maybe?) geneological backdrop can be found here.