Disclaimer: The title of this post suggests that I do these posts every week but alas! the reality is that it’s more like every quarter or so. Volume 3 (Aug 2012) featured jobs from Mumbai-based Desta and in Volume 2 (May 2012) I cherry picked jobs from Khosla Impact’s portfolio companies.

The trigger for this edition is a Facebook message I received from Julie Kriegshaber. She had written with a request to publicize open positions at the company she was going to join – a month later. The post on her social enterprise journey — The road to mPaani goes through Uganda and Bloomington — is still languishing in the Drafts folder but this post addresses her primary request 🙂

  • m.Paani – This intriguing Mumbai-based social enterprise is looking for data whisperers, operational analysts, engineers and data scientists. All details here.
  • Pune-based Driptech is on a hiring spree – at least ten positions in sales, marketing and more listed here.
  • Bangalore-based Babajob is looking for a head of recruiting. But don’t bother applying if you don’t have oodles of charisma 🙂
  • Bangalore-based Embrace Innovations continues to look for product managers and product marketers – listed here.
  • Educategirls – Mumbai-based NGO with operations in Rajasthan is hiring a CFO. Send an email to hr@educategirls.in. (This via email on a social enterprise mailing list).