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I spent 20 minutes searching for a long-forgotten quote on philanthropy (for use in my next post). I didn’t find it. But… I found some good ones, not all of which are complimentary, so here goes…

  • I used to be opposed to the idea of social entrepreneurship. I said let business be business, and philanthropy be philanthropy. Keep the two separate, don’t mix it up, and this is what I did, and I did that rather successfully, but I now recognize that actually you do need to mix it up and I think there is room for social entrepreneurship. – George Soros
  • The premise of this foundation is one life on this planet is no more valuable than the next. – Melinda Gates
  • I always had the old-school model that I’m going to work for as long as I’m relevant and focus on for-profit activities and someday when I retire I’m going to learn about philanthropy. – Marc Andreessen
  • My theme for philanthropy is the same approach I used with technology: to find a need and fill it. – An Wang
  • I’m not doing my philanthropic work, out of any kind of guilt, or any need to create good public relations. I’m doing it because I can afford to do it, and I believe in it. – George Soros
  • Charity begins at home but should not end there. – Sir Francis Bacon
  • We often excuse our own want of philanthropy by giving the name of fanaticism to the more ardent zeal of others. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • Philanthropies and charities have a certain air of quackery (Ouch!) – Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)
  • Billions are wasted on ineffective philanthropy. Philanthropy is decades behind business in applying rigorous thinking to the use of money. – Michael Porter
  • Philanthropy seems to me to have become simply the refuge of people who wish to annoy their fellow creatures. – Oscar Wilde

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