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Bike parking lot on Commercial St receives TUI makeover

The Ugly Indian Chronicles Volume 13: Close Encounter of the Babu Kind

Last evening, I visited the The Ugly Indian Facebook page after a long time. While I was sleeping, they’ve apparently continued doing what they do best, you know, beautifying Bangalore and changing people’s behavioral patterns. The latest iconic street that received their makeover was Commercial Street. It’s all Mr. Manivannan’s fault that I’m writing this […]

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Pic: courtesy usmansheikh.com

List of Social Enterprises in Bangalore

This list has been on my todo list for a while 🙂 but a glance at the search query logs last month told me that an incomplete list (sooner) might be better than a perfect list (later). It will also be revealing as to how many of the Bangalore enterprises I’ve actually written about (Hint: […]

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Pic: courtesy IndiaToday.in

Returning to the Migration Meme

In the past week, three conversations with three different migrants in Bangalore (all working as security guards) reminded me why I need to devote more time (and blog space) to the migration meme. Conversation #1: RMM works for Handiman Services as a security guard supervisor in Koramangala. RMM is 50 years old, hails from Jajpur […]

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Road Reclamation – The Ugly Indian Way

The first few news articles I read this morning were depressing ones about the UP elections. That probably explains my less than cheerful previous post. “A quick Facebook session should lift my spirits,” I told myself. And boy, did it? My favorite uncategorizable community organization, The Ugly Indian, had made a foray into a new area […]

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The Ugly Indian Chronicles – Volume 7

It’s official, folks. The time has come to take my relationship with The Ugly Indian (TUI) to the next level. But first let me talk about how this relationship has evolved. It started with occasionally viewing their SpotFix videos on Facebook. After I started writing this blog, I made a half-hearted attempt to contact them for […]

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Aditya Dev Sood (left) and an attendee

Conversations on design for public good

On Oct 14, the Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS), an innovation consulting firm, hosted its second Design Public conclave in Bangalore. The venue (National Gallery of Modern Art) couldn’t have been more picturesque, aesthetic and appropriate. It’s not often that one hears about design and public good in the same breath so I diligently pursued […]

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Postlude: the Metro launches!

The Ugly Indian’s Gift to Bangalore on the occasion of Namma Metro Launch – Part 3

[Editor’s Note: If you’ve stumbled onto this post without viewing Part 1 and Part 2, we strongly encourage you to view this 3-part series in sequence to fully appreciate the pictorial narrative which reads like a detective story.] Act 3 Scene 7: Chat with 4 store managers Here is our conversation with Imtiaz, Store Manager […]

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