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  • Shalini

    really sad…..and koramangla is supposed to be a ‘hip’ location…..

  • TUI Fan

    Really curious to know how you will approach this problem, seems humongous at this point…

    • ulaar

      Have you seen the movie Satte Pe Satta? There’s that scene when Hema Malini comes home to Bachan’s pigsty home — walks into the kitchen, sighs and says “pata nahin kahan shuru karoon”. And voila! in the next frame they show a clean kitchen. 

      I think we all feel that way when we first see a dirty street. Unfortunately no Bollywood magic wand..

      To finally answer your question – “no idea yet”. Still in observation mode — do follow the Facebook page — adding pics/commentary almost daily. Trying to use the TUI model though proceeding at a snail’s pace compared to them.


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