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Embracing the “tech” in TechSangam

I’m  a huge fan of Marc Andreessen.

I won’t wax eloquent about Andreessen but draw attention to his 2011 WSJ article Why software is eating the world. The article (specifically the title/quote) strongly resonated with me. It continues to influence my world view of the type of companies effecting dramatic changes in the world.

Twitter religion came late to Andreessen but he’s making up by posting frequently and insightfully.

Pic courtesy
Pic courtesy

He asked an interesting question today..

and elaborates


Responses from his wired followers..


Following the responses (and there were MANY), he puts forth his thesis on ongoing role of Moore’s Law and impact on technology trends..






The last point is really “future of science fiction is here and now”. He’s not done yet.




Moving from “software is eating the world” to “software as a lever on the world”. 🙂