This picture needs a caption – help!

Dear blog readers, I have a small request. Take a look at this picture and please submit your caption in the comments. If you’d like to make a verbose comment, that’s fine too. This photo is related to a post I’ll be writing tomorrow. Thanks.

[Please submit your caption in the blog comments] Pic: courtesy Google/Getty Images

  • thinker

    “Ek main aur ek tu”

  • Ravi Venkatesam

    Is this my future?

  • India’s real masterchef!

  • Dhana Nambiar

    I will teach you to endure, I will pray you survive. 

  • Srerh

    Their Greed  affecting Our Need

  • Srinivas Savaram

    1) State of inclusive growth – a life of stunted growth
    2) We ignore this story of India’s development
    3) Malnutrition and India’s children: hidden in plain sight

  • You are all I have..

  • PK

    Mujhe nahi pata tumhare paas kya hai…mere paas grandma hai!

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  • Naman

    Reflection Of Our Developent ????

  • Aarushi

    This is life my child.