The mud chulhas of India

I’m still halfway through my post on Greenway Grameen Infrastructure (published here). The Greenway Grameen Infra crew has done a fair amount of market research and have amassed a veritable photo collection that shows the diversity of mud chulhas (stoves) being used in different parts of India. I present to you those pictures (courtesy Greenway Grameen Infra).

Mud chulha in Andhra Pradesh

Another mud chulha in Andhra Pradesh

Chulha in Anandwan, Maharashtra

Chulha in Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh

Chulha in Kotbhai village in Giddarbaha mandal of Punjab

Chulha in Madela village in Pali district, Rajasthan

'Metal meets mud' chulha in Warora, Maharashtra

Chulha in Natai village in Baran district, Rajasthan

Chulha in Nawanshahr, Punjab

Chulha in Rawra, Rajasthan. Also in pic: Neha Juneja (Greenway Grameen co-founder)

Chulha in Rupnagar, Punjab

Chulha in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh

Artistic chulha in Ukhrul, Manipur

Multi-burner chulha in Ukhrul, Manipur

Chulha in Wardha, Maharashtra

Brick chulha in Sujalpur, Madhya Pradesh


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  • thanks for sharing! These chulhas do really look great. Maybe modern technology is not always better! Thanks for this insight!

  • Welcome. While the romantic in us can appreciate the diversity of mud chulhas, the Greenway experience has been that a vastly-improved stove design (keeping the villagers’ needs at the center) has resulted in brisk sales.

  • chhinder pal

    Thanks for remembering our village house, where our honourable mother kept Chulha always in fire, for making various kitchen items for us such as tea, rice, roti, saag, sabzi etc. Those were golden days. now in city, we can only remember these things. it is great effort on your part. I love this page. 

    • Thanks Chhinder! Which state and village did you spend your formative years (just curious)?

  • chhinder pal

    p.s. there is no comparison of the food items made/ boiled on Chulha, as compared to gas chulha or heater etc. The best taste is from village Chulha, though it may tea, sabzi, saag, rice, roti or any other item. Any body may check. The life of items prepared on Desi chulha is also long.

    • I’ve always wondered why that’s the case..

  • Www Khan

    Thanks for remembering our village house,they are very nice

  • venktesh   

  •  hei my n venktesh I m remembering

  • latha

    good spread such native and good things

  • latha

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