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Corruption Cases in the Indian States – a Visual Story

Our good friends at PRS Legislative Services took 10-years of corruption case data (2000-2009) from National Crime Records Bureau and created a very useful visualization using Tableau. I’ll start off with some surprising observations before presenting the detailed graphical trends.

  • The top 5 states, in descending order of total cases registered, are Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Orissa, Punjab, and Andhra Pradesh. The presence of Orissa and Punjab in the Top 5 surprised me.
  • Bihar and Kerala have the highest conviction rate (78% and 65% respectively) in the ten year period.
  • The greatest property recovered/seized was from Orissa (Rs. 635 million) and Madhya Pradesh (Rs. 362 million).
Large states like UP & Tamil Nadu with low case count: could also mean corruption in those states is more sophisticated.


2009 seems to be the standout year: 60% all-time high conviction rate and recovery of Rs. 609 million.


Rise in cases registered in 2006 correlates perfectly with Nitish Kumar's first tenure as Chief Minister.


Registered cases and conviction rate a flat line during Narendra Modi's tenure. Only oddity is the high recovery amount in 2009.

You can play with the interactive visualization here.