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Bike parking lot on Commercial St receives TUI makeover

The Ugly Indian Chronicles Volume 13: Close Encounter of the Babu Kind

Last evening, I visited the The Ugly Indian Facebook page after a long time. While I was sleeping, they’ve apparently continued doing what they do best, you know, beautifying Bangalore and changing people’s behavioral patterns. The latest iconic street that received their makeover was Commercial Street. It’s all Mr. Manivannan’s fault that I’m writing this […]

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TereBin in use on a city pavement

The Ugly Indian Chronicles Volume 11 – of poets, philosophers, psychologists & designers

What will it take to clean up Bangalore? The answer is certainly not just corporators and bureaucrats. My favorite Bangalore citizens, The Ugly Indians (aka TUI), will tell you that the battle has to be won “in the mind.”  In the mind of its citizens of course. On Jan 26, 2012, they released this 6-minute “Ugly […]

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Road Reclamation – The Ugly Indian Way

The first few news articles I read this morning were depressing ones about the UP elections. That probably explains my less than cheerful previous post. “A quick Facebook session should lift my spirits,” I told myself. And boy, did it? My favorite uncategorizable community organization, The Ugly Indian, had made a foray into a new area […]

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Kembattahalli sidewalk (before spotfix)

The Ugly Indian Chronicles – Volume 9

Things are a bit quiet… over in The Ugly Indian corral. Almost like the calm after the storm? Surely after 60-odd consecutive weeks of SpotFixes and maybe some well-deserved revelry over the holidays, TUI is resting on their laurels? Nah! These are not the “resting on laurels” types. More likely this is the calm before […]

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Picture 13: View from the other side

The Ugly Indian Chronicles – Volume 8

The TUI highlight in the past week is the SpotFix at Prestige St. Johns Wood – behind Oracle’s Koramangala office. This SpotFix merits a ‘Super’ prefix because they also installed a bay of urinals (WonderLoos in ‘Ugly Indian speak’). The TUI released video tells all: Sep 2012 Update: There’s an FAQ on Wonderloos at the […]

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The Ugly Indian Chronicles – Volume 7

It’s official, folks. The time has come to take my relationship with The Ugly Indian (TUI) to the next level. But first let me talk about how this relationship has evolved. It started with occasionally viewing their SpotFix videos on Facebook. After I started writing this blog, I made a half-hearted attempt to contact them for […]

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The Ugly Indian Happy Birthday Sketch by IyerMatter (Pic courtesy TUI & IyerMatter)

Five Amazing Things about The Ugly Indian

This post marks a “first” — reproduced almost entirely (with a few edits and formatting) from a comment I posted to this New York Times article on my favorite community organization (The Ugly Indian). There are so many things amazing about The Ugly Indian that it behooves us to highlight the most important. Attitude Change: […]

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