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Reason #999: Why you should care about Social Enterprises

If you want to understand which brand “owns” a concept/term, all you need to do is type the query into your favorite search engine. Type “social enterprise” and you’ll see a results page similar to the image below. Why “similar” and not “identical”? Well, the sponsored search listings might vary slightly based on your location […]

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Master of Social Entrepreneurship from Deshpande Education Trust

The Deshpande Education Trust (DET) feels that it isn’t doing enough to further the cause of social entrepreneurship in India. I’m so glad they felt that way. A week ago, DET announced the launch of its Master of Social Entrepreneurship program at its main campus in Hubli, Karnataka. It’s a two-year residential program affiliated with […]

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The original "Greatest" - Muhammad Ali

Greatest Social Entrepreneurs of All Time?

Another day. Another list. Not.Going.To.Get.Worked.Up.This.Time. (Hint: my reaction to the Forbes list of 30 social entrepreneurs) But seriously there’s nothing to get worked up about a “greatest of all time” list . I mean, after all, social entrepreneurship has been around for centuries. Social enterprises have dramatically changed people’s lives in the past century. Worldwide poverty […]

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Just WHAT exactly is Shared Value?

A few months ago, I attended a very interesting panel discussion organized by Forbes India. It was my introduction to Shared Value – a concept which, loosely speaking, is like ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on steroids’. The panelists were Azim Premji Foundation’s Dileep Ranjekar, FabIndia’s Sunil Chainani, Janaagraha’s Ramesh Ramanathan, Manipal Education’s Mohandas Pai, and […]

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The myth of scalability in Indian social enterprises

Last summer, I attended a few sessions of the Acara Summer Institute – a three-week crash course in social entrepreneurship at the university level. I introduced myself to the group with the usual song-and-dance about why I was passionate about social enterprises and why we needed more of those instead of millions of well-meaning (but […]

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A Call to Social Arms – Part 1

Israel’s mandatory military service program has long been an ideal for some concerned Indian citizens (Israeli citizens need to put in a 2-3 year military stint after turning 18). They argue that a similar program for Indian citizens is the only way to inculcate patriotism and selfless service. Perhaps. After all, we are living in […]

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Why I Like These Social Enterprises – Part 1

It recently struck me that I should start adding a “What I like about <enterprise x>” section to each post. The section would include social metrics the enterprise is purportedly trying to influence. Instead of editing scores of old posts, I decided to do a round-up post, organizing the posts by category. Agriculture Our first […]

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The Acara Institute Challenge: inspiring social entrepreneurship at the university level

[Editor’s Note: In the past fortnight, I had a Skype call with Fred Rose, Co-Founder & CEO of Acara Institute, and a meeting with Arun Patre, their India Manager. The Acara Summer Institute 2011, an intensive 3-week social entrepreneurship program, kicks off in Bangalore on Jun 27 and I’m one of the guest bloggers. This […]

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Dr. Sudarshan (among the 1st three Ashoka fellows - elected in 1973)

India’s Ashoka Fellows

[Editor’s Note: Last month, I sat down with Solomon Prakash for the first of what promises to be many more interesting conversations. Solomon is a serial social entrepreneur — started off with a non-profit called MAYA which eventually gave birth to two social enterprises – Maya Organics and LabourNet. In 2006, he was elected as […]

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Top 15 Social Enterprise Aphorisms

My first reaction on seeing this (Top 100 Social Enterprise Truths) post from Pop-Up Social Enterprise Think Tank’s: What! Are there so many? My second reaction, halfway through my perusal: No way are people going to go through the entire list! And my third/last reaction after I reviewed the entire list: Hmm… Interesting! Several resonated, […]

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