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Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship: 2014

The Skoll Foundation presents the Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship each year to transformative leaders who are disrupting the status quo, driving large-scale change, and are poised to make an even greater impact on the world. Each Awardee receives a very generous $1.25 million, three-year core support investment to scale their work and increase their impact. […]

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Applying Einstein Principle to the Social Entrepreneurship Definition

A scientific theory should be as simple as possible, but no simpler. – Albert Einstein As I was cleaning out some bookmarks on my wife’s laptop (which I occasionally use when I need to use Powerpoint), I stumbled upon this post on social entrepreneurship definition by a lawyer dude. The money sentence is right here: In […]

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Announcing Tata Social Enterprise Challenge

  2012 has been the year of social enterprise challenges and social enterprise incubators in India. The exciting addition to the former is  Tata Group’s announcement of the Tata Social Enterprise Challenge, a joint initiative with IIM Calcutta. Details below. TATA Social Enterprise Challenge – A Joint Initiative with IIM Calcutta aims to be India’s […]

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Naandi-powered midday meals in Orissa's Keonjhar district (Pic: courtesy bizodisha.com)

A development economist’s journey to parallel social entrepreneur

[Editor’s Note: The publishing delay of this post is a deeply personal reminder on the need for an “editor” hat — even for a one-person blogging organization. A partial defense for why this post underwent a *10 month* gestation period can be found here. If you agree that I’ve indulged in adequate self-flagellation, I’ll move on […]

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The original "Greatest" - Muhammad Ali

Greatest Social Entrepreneurs of All Time?

Another day. Another list. Not.Going.To.Get.Worked.Up.This.Time. (Hint: my reaction to the Forbes list of 30 social entrepreneurs) But seriously there’s nothing to get worked up about a “greatest of all time” list . I mean, after all, social entrepreneurship has been around for centuries. Social enterprises have dramatically changed people’s lives in the past century. Worldwide poverty […]

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Taking greed off the table

In a recent Business Standard article, How Janalakshi got to the top, the following quote from its chairman Ramesh Ramanathan caught my attention. “As a student of institutions, I learnt that the market was a double-edged sword,” says Ramanathan. When contemplating a structure for Janalakshmi, he wondered what would happen if he “took greed off […]

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List of Social Enterprises in Bangalore

This list has been on my todo list for a while 🙂 but a glance at the search query logs last month told me that an incomplete list (sooner) might be better than a perfect list (later). It will also be revealing as to how many of the Bangalore enterprises I’ve actually written about (Hint: […]

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Logo courtesy villgro.org

Villgro launches high-touch training program for social entrepreneurs

Villgro, Chennai-based incubator and seed impact investor, announces the launch of a high-touch mentorship and training program (called SEED) for social entrepreneurs. They have crafted a 6-month program to address several complaints they’ve heard from entrepreneurs who’ve attended similar programs. The cohort size (at 10) is designed to be small, keeping in mind their key […]

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Why some blog posts have a longer gestation period

[Editor’s Note: I couldn’t make up my mind on where to publish this post. Taking the easy way out by first publishing it on uLaaR and now here.] Years ago, during my days working at Yahoo, I had a manager (let’s call him “X”) who exhibited an interestingly annoying behavior. He would promptly respond to all my […]

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TechSangam turns one year and 17 days old

March 3, 2011 was my last day with Adobe India. Eight days later I wrote the first TechSangam post  – Evolution of the human race – an inspiration post based on Arthur C. Clarke’s 1954 classic Childhood’s End. The blog progressed in fits and starts in the first 2 months but it really got its […]

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