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A silk farmer feeding silk worms using Selco solar light

Eight defining milestones in India’s social enterprise ecosystem

[Editor’s Note: This post was 95% complete on Oct 31, 2013. After all, it was largely copy-paste so why did it languish for two months in the Drafts folder? I intended to post a critique of the Companies Bill 2013. (Sigh) That’ll have to wait for another day.] I’ve been neglecting this blog for far […]

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World Bank India Development Marketplace: Finalist Review Part 1

[Editor’s Note: The World Bank’s Development Marketplace (DM) is a competitive grants program that surfaces and funds innovative projects with high potential for development impact that are scalable and/or replicable. Through a combination of grant funds and strategic technical advisory support, the grant aims to catalyze innovative social enterprise solutions delivering a range of social and public […]

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Pic courtesy arthaventurechallenge.com

Artha Platform, closed social enterprise version of Angel List, announces Challenge

This post was supposed to be about Artha Venture Challenge (AVC) – a call for applications from social ventures across India operating in the sectors of Agriculture, Energy, Water, and Livelihoods. Up to 15 winning enterprises get the opportunity to pitch for up to INR 25 lakh (USD 50K) of funding. Ennovent, an early stage social impact investor and […]

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Why you should attend Sankalp Forum 2013

By now they should have changed the venue of Sankalp Forum from Mumbai to Bangalore. I attended the third edition of Sankalp in 2011. The only reason I missed it last year (and will sadly be missing this year’s edition too) is because it’s in Mumbai, and not  Bangalore. Is there any other metro that […]

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The 1600 INR Pollinate lamp (Pic courtesy theatlanticcities.com)

Poor leap-frogging the rich?

Just read an intriguing Mother Jones article on the adoption of solar power in India’s slums. The two solar startups profiled in the article? Bangalore-based Simpa Networks and Bangalore-based Pollinate Energy. Here’s another interesting nugget – the co-founders of Simpa are two Americans and one Canadian while the co-founders of Pollinate are Australian. Australia vs. […]

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Mentor or advisor? What do you need for your enterprise?

[Editor’s Note: Ennovent, an early stage social investor fund which morphed into an accelerator of innovations for sustainability in low-income markets, recently hosted a gathering of entrepreneurs and mentors. The insights from the gathering were gleaned into an article which their Communications Manager (Perzen Patel) has shared with me. How mentors are different from advisors and […]

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Indian Social Enterprises Getting a Silicon Valley Makeover

TechCrunch reports that Bangalore/Seattle-based Unitus Seed Fund got a fresh infusion of $8 million from a bevy of A-list investors – from Silicon Valley and Bangalore. I believe the entry of the Silicon Valley investors represents a major inflection point for the Indian social enterprise ecosystem. A major inflection point — not because there’s an […]

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Announcing Tata Social Enterprise Challenge

  2012 has been the year of social enterprise challenges and social enterprise incubators in India. The exciting addition to the former is  Tata Group’s announcement of the Tata Social Enterprise Challenge, a joint initiative with IIM Calcutta. Details below. TATA Social Enterprise Challenge – A Joint Initiative with IIM Calcutta aims to be India’s […]

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Pic: courtesy indianipfirm.com

Thank you US Patent and Trademark Office

Anthony Bugg-Levine (of New York-based NonProfit Finance Fund) shared a couple of encouraging developments on Twitter. The issue? The semantics and connotation of “social enterprise”. For the tech-obsessed world, the term means ‘socialization of the for-profit business enterprise’. In other words, adding all manners of social goodies (newsfeed, social media, etc.) to various business workflow […]

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Rohit Bansal (Director of Social Impact, ThoughtWorks)

Your Vision. Our Software. World-changing. Introducing ThoughtWorks Social Impact Program

Your Vision. Our Software. World-changing. This is how ThoughtWorks, a privately-held global IT consultancy firm with offices in 10 countries, describes its Social Impact Program – an ambitious program it started in 2009. It’s not often that one is impressed by a technology company’s mission statement. One of ThoughtWorks’ founding pillars, Promote social & economic justice, […]

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