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Participants working on a group assignment

Is the no-frills traveling MBA program (CREAM) working?

[Editor’s Note: In the early days of this blog (circa Apr 2011), I wrote about  CREAM – a unique no frills traveling MBA program targeting rural and social entrepreneurs.  Last month, I had a chance meeting with CREAM Founder (Ranjeet Ranade). He told me that in the past two years, CREAM had gained considerable traction in […]

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Desta Water Wheel - cap on the side to easily fill water.

This Week in Social Enterprise Jobs – Volume 3

About six months ago, I wrote Social Enterprise Jobs in India – Who’s Hiring – a  first look at the social enterprise job landscape in India. I wrote a follow-up post in May (SocEnt jobs – Volume 2) which suggested that I’d make it a weekly affair. Clearly the weekly implication has not played out 🙂 I now […]

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Took me longer to pick a 'suitable' slum picture than to write the post. (Pic: courtesy inhabitat.com)

In praise of slums. Or why millions of Indians choose to live in urban squalor

If you saw a provocative title like this on Twitter, you would click on it, right? I’m glad I did. Just like you’ll be glad you clicked through to this story, or so I hope. Hint: the operative word in the title is “choose”. As  nonpartisan public policy American nonprofits go, New America Foundation is fairly new […]

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Sumita Ghose (Rangsutra's Founder/CEO)

Is Rangsutra the only recent Social Enterprise exit?

Put an impact investor on a panel at a social enterprise conference and you can be assured of at least two quotes. “There just aren’t enough quality social entrepreneurs” “The problem with the social enterprise ecosystem is that there are no exits” Social entrepreneurs (on similar panel discussions) would counter point #1 with “there just […]

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India’s Most Impactful Social Enterprises (unsorted working list)

  Editor’s Note: I should caution readers that this is a work-in-progress topic. The primary purpose of this post is to complete the contender list in each category. Ever since I called bullshit on Forbes’ List of Top 30 Social Entrepreneurs this post has been languishing in my Drafts folder – today I decided enough […]

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No frills traveling MBA program from TREES (Part 2)

[Editor’s Note: I originally wrote about the education social enterprise “TREE Society” (Training Resources for Enabling Enterprises Society) back in April. In the past few months, they began their fifth pilot (at Timbaktu Collective) and also revamped their website. So what I’ve done is split the original post (it was a bit long) – this […]

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Most people don't build toilets because they can't afford it!

Oh Crap! Where’s the One Potty Per Household Project?

[Editor’s Note: Last week, I spent a few hours with the Arghyam management team – Sunita Nadhamuni (CEO) and Vijay Krishna (Director, R&D and head of India Water Portal (one of Arghyam’s key offerings)). Arghyam is an Indian public charitable foundation setup with an endowment from Rohini Nilekani, working in the water and sanitation sector […]

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A fresh look at the migration narrative

During one of the panel discussions at last week’s Sankalp Forum, an interesting conversation emerged. Two early-stage VCs (Seed Fund’s Mahesh Murthy and Kae Capital’s Sasha Mirchandani) were making the point that it wasn’t a case of missing ‘investors’ as much as it was a case of missing ‘entrepreneurs’. Of course, their perspective was that […]

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