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Naandi-powered midday meals in Orissa's Keonjhar district (Pic: courtesy bizodisha.com)

A development economist’s journey to parallel social entrepreneur

[Editor’s Note: The publishing delay of this post is a deeply personal reminder on the need for an “editor” hat — even for a one-person blogging organization. A partial defense for why this post underwent a *10 month* gestation period can be found here. If you agree that I’ve indulged in adequate self-flagellation, I’ll move on […]

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Ratan Tata (Pic: courtesy thehindu.com)

Why I am excited about Ratan Tata’s Retirement

It’s not what you might think. I’m not going to launch into a tirade about Ratan Tata’s business accomplishments, legacy or any failed opportunities. Any tycoon that takes a conglomerate from $10 billion to $100 billion in revenue in 21 years while retaining the unique employee-friendly Tata culture and not employing the Ambani doctrine deserves […]

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Belo (Brazil's 3rd largest city) - Pic courtesy trialx.com

Hunger Alleviation Lessons from Belo Horizonte

[Editor’s Note: (Sep 12, 2012): According to this Newslaundry editorial, Samar Halamkar (on whose column I based this post) might have indulged in plagiarism. Until I figure out what action I need to take, I’ve made no changes to my original post.] “Hunger is not caused by a scarcity of food but a scarcity of […]

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Story behind this picture

The story behind this picture – reader comments

Last week, I posted this picture asking for your help in suggesting captions. A whole gamut of submissions, from the poignant to the mundane to the witty, flowed in. My purpose was to find out how many noticed that it was the grandmother (and not the mother) with the baby. You can view all the […]

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Pic courtesy: hungamaforchange.org

Could NREGA be rejiggered to combat malnutrition?

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. If you’ve lived in America, India, perhaps even Europe, chances are you’ve read that on a bumper sticker. The movement to combat malnutrition, Citizens Alliance Against Malnutrition, needs a similar rallying cry. My humble submission – The best […]

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For a few nutrients more... (Pic courtesy hungamaforchange.org)

Nine Key Takeaways from HUNGaMA Survey on Hunger and Malnutrition

In our continued coverage of Naandi Foundation’s HUNGaMA survey, we’ll look at the nine key takeaways in this post. [For the truly brave, here’s the link to the 139-page PDF that we’ll continue to harvest for additional insights.] The earlier post in this series was What we can expect from Naandi Foundation’s HUNGaMA survey. But […]

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Khap panchayats are a national shame

Welcome to India: a nation of national shames

“The results of this survey are both worrying and encouraging.” As I read the above gem from the transcript of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s speech on the release of the HUNGaMA report (see What we can expect from the HUNGaMA survey), I was reminded of my high school civics textbook — “Our constitution is rigid […]

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Pic: courtesy hungamaforchange.org

What we can expect from Naandi Foundation’s landmark HUNGaMA survey

Back in August 2011, during a trip to Hyderabad to run my 6th marathon, I spent some quality time with Manoj Kumar, Naandi Foundation’s CEO, hearing about his journey (and Naandi’s journey) – rich fodder for a blog series on Naandi. The reason why the series has not yet seen the light of day must […]

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