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Two bright lights in India’s Impact Investing Landscape

The two bright lights in India’s impact investing landscape are Harish Hande’s $10 million fund for sustainable energy enterprises and Khosla Impact. Sustainable Energy Fund Last month I finally got a chance to spend some time with Harish Hande at the SELCO office in JP Nagar, Bangalore. Our conversation ranged from ‘SELCO culture’ and non-English […]

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A page each from Harish Hande and Naveen Krishna

Recently, Harish Hande wrote a cogent and passionate article on Forbes India. The main point in his article is that businesses need to look at social sustainability in a long-term and holistic manner. From his article… Amidst rising income inequality, corporations need to realise that social responsibility is essentially an insurance against social instability. Occupy Wall […]

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Social Enterprise Jobs in India – Who’s Hiring?

A few months ago, a 2nd year MBA student from Mumbai (let’s call him “Nikhil”) emailed me asking for advice/leads on the social enterprise sector. Nikhil had some exposure to the social enterprise sector and, when I last met him, was looking at “regular MBA” jobs as well. My immediate response was to send him […]

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Dr. Harish Hande, Founder & Managing Director (Selco) - Pic courtesy selco-india.com

Selco’s Harish Hande raising $10 million to fund sustainable energy enterprises

Selco Solar’s Harish Hande was one of the standout acts at the recent Villgro conference on social enterprises. Without mincing any words, he declared that it was dangerous for investors to dictate what entrepreneurs should do. It was time, he said, for entrepreneurs to say “no” to certain types of investors. He was dead serious […]

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Color of money

A few weeks ago, I attended the two-day Unconvention 2011 – a social enterprise conference hosted by Villgro in Chennai. Nilima Achwal (Villgro Fellow) and I co-authored our conference report on the NextBillion blog – Villgro’s Unconvention 2011 – Key Takeaways. In social enterprise conferences, impact investing topics get a fair bit of air time and […]

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The curious history of conditional cash transfers

[Editor’s Note: This is the fifth in a series of six excerpts from chapter 4 (education policy) of Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo’s Poor Economics. According to World Bank, more than 30 countries have some form of Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programs.] In a recent interview, Harish Hande (Founder of SELCO) and 2011 Magsaysay Award […]

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