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Vibrant Gujarat 2013 Day #1 – Perspective in 12 Tweets

Madhu Kishwar shared a dozen tweets which summed up her takeaways from the first day of Vibrant Gujarat 2013. My personal favorites are #5, #6, and #9. 16 Even at risk of being damned for life by my secularist leftist friends, can’t help but say Gujarat Summit very impressive. Had heard… January 11, 2013 7:57 […]

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A happy Fasal farmer (Pic courtesy intuit.com)

Intuit Fasal quietly disrupting the farm market intelligence space

What happens when you breed JustDial and ZipDial with a Nasdaq 100 software company in the Indian rural countryside? You get Intuit Fasal – a powerful agtech platform with a mission to help farmers make more money! For my non-Indian readers, I should mention that  JustDial is India’s leading voice-based local search engine and ZipDial is one of the […]

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Blue Revolution Man - Hari Bhai (Pic: courtesy meerasanyal.wordpress.com)

Decades after White Revolution Gujarat gearing up for Blue Revolution

All revolutions don’t have to be red in color. Milk is white and water is blue. – Old jungle saying [Editor’s Note: Meera Sanyal, CEO of RBS India who contested parliament elections in 2009 as an independent candidate in South Mumbai, went on a 15-day field trip to Gujarat in Mar 2012. She wrote a wonderful […]

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Stop MNREGA for ONE year and let’s kickoff Second Green Revolution

“Stop MNREGA for one year and let’s kickoff Second Green Revolution with the corresponding budget of Rs. 40,000 crores!” Let me quickly disenchant you that a year of blogging and research on social enterprises has not made me an agricultural policy expert. The above statement was made by Dr. Ashok Gulati, a top agricultural economist […]

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Pic: courtesy IndiaToday.in

Returning to the Migration Meme

In the past week, three conversations with three different migrants in Bangalore (all working as security guards) reminded me why I need to devote more time (and blog space) to the migration meme. Conversation #1: RMM works for Handiman Services as a security guard supervisor in Koramangala. RMM is 50 years old, hails from Jajpur […]

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Graph courtesy: ddws.gov.in (via infochangeindia.org)

WaterAid’s Review of Total Sanitation Campaign

[Possibly TechSangam’s 1st Oops moment: A friend/reader just alerted me to the fact that the WaterAid report, on which this post is based of, is from 2008 and not 2012 as I had assumed. Will hunt for more recent insights and update/link accordingly. Apologies!] WaterAid India is shortly expected to release a report on how […]

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Elitist School Systems – teachers with high ambition and parents with low expectations (double-whammy)

[Editor’s Note: This is the sixth in a series of excerpts from chapter 4 (education policy) of Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo’s Poor Economics.] Parents are not alone in focusing their expectations on success at the graduation exam: The whole education system colludes with them. The curriculum and organization of schools often date back to […]

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A Call to Social Arms – Part 1

Israel’s mandatory military service program has long been an ideal for some concerned Indian citizens (Israeli citizens need to put in a 2-3 year military stint after turning 18). They argue that a similar program for Indian citizens is the only way to inculcate patriotism and selfless service. Perhaps. After all, we are living in […]

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Registered cases and conviction rate a flat line during Narendra Modi's tenure. Only oddity is the high recovery amount in 2009.

Corruption Cases in the Indian States – a Visual Story

Our good friends at PRS Legislative Services took 10-years of corruption case data (2000-2009) from National Crime Records Bureau and created a very useful visualization using Tableau. I’ll start off with some surprising observations before presenting the detailed graphical trends. The top 5 states, in descending order of total cases registered, are Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Orissa, […]

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