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Manish Khera (Founder/CEO of FINO) - Pic courtesy fino.com

FINO’s branchless banking and financial inclusion products delivered via agent network

[Editor’s Note: To date, Eko is the only one of five branchless banking players in India I’ve written extensively about . The other players are: FINO, A Little World, Nokia Mobile Money, and Paymate’s Green Mobile. Manish Khera (FINO’s CEO) and I have been sporadically exchanging emails for some time but unfortunately the stars haven’t […]

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Pic: courtesy forbes.com

Boiling the social enterprise ocean

[Editor’s Note: Alternate title for this post: What this blog is about (Version 2.0).] Two months into my new gig, my view into the world of social enterprises is getting a little crisper. While it’s still a vast ocean, my method to navigate the waters has become more deterministic. There’s no danger of boiling the […]

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Primer on Micro Financing Institutions (MFI)

When the idea for this blog was still in an early stage and I was socializing it with close friends, I was frequently asked about which “verticals” of social enterprises I’d be focusing on. My answers ranged from “Don’t know yet” to “Will start in a breadth-wise fashion and then home in on verticals later”. […]

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