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Eko agent showing ASHA interest accrued on her no-frills savings account

Empowering Bihar’s rural health workers with mobile phones and money transfer

[Editor’s Note: Since Jan 2011, Norway India Partnership Initiative (NIPI) has been leading the implementation of a mobile money transfer pilot for ASHAs in Bihar’s Sheikhpura district. At the pilot’s 5-month mark, Lalitha Iyer (Gender Advisor to NIPI) created an interim findings report based on her field visit and interactions with 80 ASHAs and other […]

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Why I Like These Social Enterprises – Part 1

It recently struck me that I should start adding a “What I like about <enterprise x>” section to each post. The section would include social metrics the enterprise is purportedly trying to influence. Instead of editing scores of old posts, I decided to do a round-up post, organizing the posts by category. Agriculture Our first […]

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Eko India Financial Services raises $5.5 million round from Creation Investments

We had written about Eko Financial Services in a two-part series (Part 1 linked here). Today they are announcing the closing of a $5.5 million funding round from Creation Investments, a Chicago-based social ventures fund. I had a chat with Abhishek Sinha (Eko co-Founder & CEO) soon after their funding closed and he shared some […]

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Khata Kholo Har Darwaza Kholo – Eko’s Branchless Banking (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our coverage on Eko‘s Branchless Banking solution play (Part 1 is here). Eko-SBI-Migrants = Win-Win-Win As you may recall from our earlier analysis (Banking for India’s Domestic Migrants), nearly 50% of migrants prefer to use banks for remittances but only 30% actually use banks. They yearn for the security and […]

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When you hear "no-frills banking" think of a place like this (Pic: courtesy cgap.org)

Khata Kholo Har Darwaza Kholo – Eko’s Branchless Banking (Part 1)

[Editor’s Note: A few weeks ago I had an engaging phone conversation with Abhishek Sinha, co-founder and CEO of Eko Financial Services, a trailblazing branchless banking social enterprise that’s making a dramatic difference to the lives of India’s migrants. This two-part series draws extensively from our phone conversation, follow-up email exchanges, and related research. Khata […]

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