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Annual State of Education Report (ASER) 2012

Pratham’s Annual State of Education Report (aka ASER) for 2012 is out. You’ll find it here. Odds are you have an allergy towards massive PDF documents or you are the quintessential procrastinator. So what’s a man to do? Well… you wait for the good Krupakar Manukonda to read the report and start tweeting. Update: he has started […]

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Naandi-powered midday meals in Orissa's Keonjhar district (Pic: courtesy bizodisha.com)

A development economist’s journey to parallel social entrepreneur

[Editor’s Note: The publishing delay of this post is a deeply personal reminder on the need for an “editor” hat — even for a one-person blogging organization. A partial defense for why this post underwent a *10 month* gestation period can be found here. If you agree that I’ve indulged in adequate self-flagellation, I’ll move on […]

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Aspiring MBA students in urban India (Pic: courtesy mbaindia.net)

Ten Tips for Indian Edupreneurs

[Editor’s Note: Srikanth Jadcherla is the CEO of California and Bangalore-based Seer Akademi, a higher education online-offline startup bringing US-style Masters degree programs and UC-Berkeley’s continuing education program to Indian students. Jadcherla undertook a staggering 3-year journey across 250+ engineering colleges across India as part of  Seer Akademi. In this guest post, which reads part […]

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Most schools in India DO NOT look like this!

PPP in Education and other Insights from Krupakar Manukonda

Yesterday, just as I was getting off the Twitter grid, saw this tweet from Nitin Pai: The good @Krupakar_m is on a roll tweeting about education. Check out his tweets. April 3, 2012 4:09 pm via Twitter for MacReplyRetweetFavorite @acorn Nitin Pai I returned to Krupakar Marukonda‘s timeline a few hours later and I’m so […]

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Ethiopian Immigrants Waiting In A Camp Before Immigrating To Israel (Pic: courtesy www.israelimages.com)

Operation Magic Carpet and what it can teach us about reengineering education

In Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo’s book Poor Economics, they describe a remarkable social experiment which demonstrates that making sure every child learns the basics well in school is not only possible, it is in fact fairly easy (even in the most adverse conditions), as long as one focuses on doing exactly that, and nothing […]

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Elitist School Systems – teachers with high ambition and parents with low expectations (double-whammy)

[Editor’s Note: This is the sixth in a series of excerpts from chapter 4 (education policy) of Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo’s Poor Economics.] Parents are not alone in focusing their expectations on success at the graduation exam: The whole education system colludes with them. The curriculum and organization of schools often date back to […]

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The Supply Demand Wars in Education Policy – Part 2

[Editor’s Note: This post is the second in a series of six excerpts from Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo’s Poor Economics, specifically from chapter 4 (on education policy) – Top of the Class. Part 1 provided the supply-wallahs perspective. This excerpt provides the demand-wallahs perspective.] The Demand Wallahs’ Case For the “demand wallahs”, a set of […]

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A smiling Mahadevi: one of the 1000+ Help A Child scholarship recipients.

Somaiya Trust’s Help-A-Child scholarship for college students

[Editor’s Note: A retweet in my Twitter stream took me to Andrea McLeod’s profile where I learned that she manages the fundraising and communication functions at Mumbai-based Somaiya Trust. A few tweets and DM’s later, Andrea and I got on the phone for a quick chat about Help A Child – Somaiya Trust’s scholarship program for […]

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Pic: courtesy forbes.com

Boiling the social enterprise ocean

[Editor’s Note: Alternate title for this post: What this blog is about (Version 2.0).] Two months into my new gig, my view into the world of social enterprises is getting a little crisper. While it’s still a vast ocean, my method to navigate the waters has become more deterministic. There’s no danger of boiling the […]

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