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Why Bill Gates’s Toilet of the Future might be too First Worldy

Almost two years ago, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation declared Caltech as the winner of Reinvent the Toilet Challenge. A solar-powered toilet that disinfects waste and reuses wastewater to flush. Better yet, it pumps out hydrogen gas for use in fuel cells. Water flushing fixtures, which flushes the poop and pee into a septic holding tank […]

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Caltech's solar-powered toilet that produces hydrogen and electricity (Pic courtesy thegatesnotes.com)

Once upon a time in Seattle

B was born into an upper middle class family in Seattle. Born in the mid 1950s, B had two  sisters and showed early signs of competitiveness when he organized family athletic games at their summer house. B was a voracious reader as a child, spending many hours poring over reference books, and also relished playing board […]

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Ratan Tata (Pic: courtesy thehindu.com)

Why I am excited about Ratan Tata’s Retirement

It’s not what you might think. I’m not going to launch into a tirade about Ratan Tata’s business accomplishments, legacy or any failed opportunities. Any tycoon that takes a conglomerate from $10 billion to $100 billion in revenue in 21 years while retaining the unique employee-friendly Tata culture and not employing the Ambani doctrine deserves […]

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Key nuggets from Bill Gates’ Annual Letter 2012 – Innovation in Agriculture

If you have time, you really should read the complete text of the 2012 Annual Letter from Bill Gates. But I know you live in a multi-screen world with thousands of tweets, status updates, and vids clamoring for your attention every waking moment so I’ll do some of the heavy lifting (sorry, “curating”) instead. The […]

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