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The various connotations and implications of BOP (Bottom of Pyramid)

India has a formidable chunk of its population at the Bottom of Pyramid (BOP), the poorest socio-economic group. Ever since BoP was defined by Professors C.K. Prahalad (University of Michigan) and Stuart Hart (Cornell University), and subsequently detailed in their respective books, a slew of healthy debates have raged: Is there really ‘fortune’ at the […]

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Primer on Micro Financing Institutions (MFI)

When the idea for this blog was still in an early stage and I was socializing it with close friends, I was frequently asked about which “verticals” of social enterprises I’d be focusing on. My answers ranged from “Don’t know yet” to “Will start in a breadth-wise fashion and then home in on verticals later”. […]

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Why India needs to give more love to off-grid power

The vote garnering slogan for leading political parties in the 1960s and 1970s used to be roti, kapada, makaan (food, clothing, shelter). In the past decade or so, the slogan has been replaced with bijli, sadak, pani (electricity, roads, water). At a felicitation ceremony last year, Nandan Nilekani commented that even the latter slogan is […]

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Escaping Poverty and Becoming Poor: Who Gains, Who Loses, and Why?

As I researched the back story on Babajob, I learned that the main inspiration for Sean Blagsvedt (Babajob CEO) was a Duke University research study. The study [Escaping Poverty and Becoming Poor: Who Gains, Who Loses, and Why?[PDF link], authored by Dr. Anirudh Krishna in 2004, looked at data from 35 villages in Rajasthan over […]

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The broad “canvas” for this blog

The tagline for this blog reads confluence of social startups & civil organizations in India. Before I outline what this blog will be about, it behooves one to define some relevant terms. At the risk of sounding redundant, I’ve included definitions from multiple sources. Social enterprises (broad definition): Social enterprises are social mission driven organizations […]

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Evolution of the Human Race

If you were to drop into a bookstore or a library looking for an Arthur C. Clarke book, you’d quickly be directed to the Science Fiction area. There is however one of his works that’s worthy of also being categorized under Philosophy. Childhood’s End, published in 1954, is the work I’m referring to. The story […]

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