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The original "Greatest" - Muhammad Ali

Greatest Social Entrepreneurs of All Time?

Another day. Another list. Not.Going.To.Get.Worked.Up.This.Time. (Hint: my reaction to the Forbes list of 30 social entrepreneurs) But seriously there’s nothing to get worked up about a “greatest of all time” list . I mean, after all, social entrepreneurship has been around for centuries. Social enterprises have dramatically changed people’s lives in the past century. Worldwide poverty […]

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List of Social Enterprises in Bangalore

This list has been on my todo list for a while 🙂 but a glance at the search query logs last month told me that an incomplete list (sooner) might be better than a perfect list (later). It will also be revealing as to how many of the Bangalore enterprises I’ve actually written about (Hint: […]

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India’s Most Impactful Social Enterprises (unsorted working list)

  Editor’s Note: I should caution readers that this is a work-in-progress topic. The primary purpose of this post is to complete the contender list in each category. Ever since I called bullshit on Forbes’ List of Top 30 Social Entrepreneurs this post has been languishing in my Drafts folder – today I decided enough […]

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Calling bullshit on Forbes’ List of Top 30 Social Entrepreneurs

Normally I don’t pay much attention to Top [X] rankings. Maybe today was a slow news day. Maybe I just returned from Villgro’s Unconvention and am still chewing the cud so am hyper-sensitive on who is(isn’t) a social entrepreneur, what is(isn’t) a social enterprise. Scott Anderson’s article on NextBillion alerted me to this freshly released […]

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Impact Investing Landscape in India

Impact Investing Landscape in India

When I give my 2-minute elevator pitch about TechSangam to friends or acquaintances, I usually follow-up with the question “Do you know what social enterprises are?” The answer invariably is “No.” The only other term with a lower aided awareness is ‘impact investing’. Heck! I first heard the term during this year’s Sankalp Forum and […]

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