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A farmer’s son deliberates on the cooperative decision

[Editor’s Note: Last year, I attended the Anantpur Cooperative Federation Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Gutturu village of Anantpur district (Andhra Pradesh). Conversations with a few farmers and related observations provided valuable insights into the workings of a farmer cooperative and the healthy dynamic between Center for Collective Development (CCD) and the cooperative. This is a (11-months delayed) […]

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Recruiting Village Shops Like This Can Solve the Riddle of the Last 500 Feet

The Last 500 Feet

[Editor’s Note: Paul Polak, social entrepreneur and author of Out of Poverty, wrote this highly informative narrative of the problems (and some proposed solutions) in the rural transportation area (what he terms as the ‘last 500 feet’) with stories from Orissa to Uganda to Bangladesh to Nepal to Somalia to Zambia and back to (Eastern) […]

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Making Knowledge Mobile: Agricultural Advice Only a Phone Call Away for Indian Farmers

[Editor’s Note: CABI is a not-for-profit international organization that improves people’s lives by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment. In this guest post, Sharbendu Banerjee (CABI Project Manager) gets into the heart of an agricultural extension mobile service developed by CABI in partnership with Airtel and IFFCO. Previously […]

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A happy Fasal farmer (Pic courtesy

Intuit Fasal quietly disrupting the farm market intelligence space

What happens when you breed JustDial and ZipDial with a Nasdaq 100 software company in the Indian rural countryside? You get Intuit Fasal – a powerful agtech platform with a mission to help farmers make more money! For my non-Indian readers, I should mention that  JustDial is India’s leading voice-based local search engine and ZipDial is one of the […]

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Tractor-operated seed drill (Pic courtesy

Omnivore’s appetite for agri technologies beginning to show

Livemint reported yesterday that Omnivore Capital made two investments in agtech companies. The two companies, Rajkot-based Khedut Agro Engineering and Bangalore-based FrontalRain Technologies, couldn’t be more different. Omnivore invested Rs. 5 crore for a 33% stake in 2-year old FrontalRain Technologies, which offers Internet-based supply chain solutions for farm businesses. FrontalRain is targeting the whole range […]

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Bangalore APMC Yard (Pic: courtesy

Multi-Pronged Supply Chain Strategy for Indian Horticulture

[Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 of a two-part article – originally published on by Sivakumar Surampudi (aka “Shiv”), a 22 year ITC veteran and architect of e-Choupal. Part 1 link here and original Scribd link here. If you are reading this via RSS or email and the table below is not very clear, you may click […]

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Supply Chains for Horticultural Products

Supply Chains for Horticultural Products

 [Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on by Sivakumar Surampudi (aka “Shiv”), a 22 year ITC veteran, architect of e-Choupal, and head of their Agro Business Division (ABD). It’s being republished on TechSangam as a two-part series with Shiv’s permission. Original Scribd link here. When we bemoan the paucity of efficient supply chains as […]

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Blue Revolution Man - Hari Bhai (Pic: courtesy

Decades after White Revolution Gujarat gearing up for Blue Revolution

All revolutions don’t have to be red in color. Milk is white and water is blue. – Old jungle saying [Editor’s Note: Meera Sanyal, CEO of RBS India who contested parliament elections in 2009 as an independent candidate in South Mumbai, went on a 15-day field trip to Gujarat in Mar 2012. She wrote a wonderful […]

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Penukonda (70km from Anantapur and 14km from Gutturu) - Pic courtesy

Observations from a farmer cooperative AGM

[Editor’s Note: Earlier this month I was invited by Dr. Trilochan Sastry to attend the Anantpur Cooperative Federation Annual General Meeting (AGM). The meeting, held at the cooperative-owned groundnut processing mill in Gutturu village of Anantpur district (Andhra Pradesh), was both educational and inspirational. The meeting lasted nearly 3 hours and ended with a sumptuous lunch for everyone. […]

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Stop MNREGA for ONE year and let’s kickoff Second Green Revolution

“Stop MNREGA for one year and let’s kickoff Second Green Revolution with the corresponding budget of Rs. 40,000 crores!” Let me quickly disenchant you that a year of blogging and research on social enterprises has not made me an agricultural policy expert. The above statement was made by Dr. Ashok Gulati, a top agricultural economist […]

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