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ISB iDiya calling all social entrepreneurs

Calling all social impact ideas & innovations!! 10 best ideas get a week-long all-expenses-paid bootcamp to ISB. Cash reward of Rs 2 Lakhs for winner. Over a crore of seed funding. Make the difference you have always wanted to by submitting your proposal at https://events.isb.edu/idiya/ Application Deadline : 15th Sep 2014 Register now to get a […]

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Behold the unassuming Ugly Indian

Behold the Ugly Indian. The Kaam Chalu Mooh Bandh Ugly Indian. The non-preachy Ugly Indian. The not-your-activist Ugly Indian. The anonymous Ugly Indian. The inspiring Ugly Indian. The unassuming Ugly Indian. You can’t change your country. You can’t change your city. You may be able to change your neighborhood. But… You certainly CAN change a spot. What’s […]

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Why Bill Gates’s Toilet of the Future might be too First Worldy

Almost two years ago, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation declared Caltech as the winner of Reinvent the Toilet Challenge. A solar-powered toilet that disinfects waste and reuses wastewater to flush. Better yet, it pumps out hydrogen gas for use in fuel cells. Water flushing fixtures, which flushes the poop and pee into a septic holding tank […]

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Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship: 2014

The Skoll Foundation presents the Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship each year to transformative leaders who are disrupting the status quo, driving large-scale change, and are poised to make an even greater impact on the world. Each Awardee receives a very generous $1.25 million, three-year core support investment to scale their work and increase their impact. […]

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Sankalp Unconvention Entrepreneur Scholarships 2014

Sankalp and I go back a long way. Well, not very long but three years. [2011] If I was looking for inspiration.. I found it at Sankalp Forum [2012] Five reasons to be excited about Sankalp [2013] Why you should attend Sankalp This will be another year where I’ll be hard-pressed to make it there […]

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Twelve things about Bitcoin that you probably didn’t know

[Editor’s Note: Earlier this year, Marc Andreessen wrote an article about Bitcoin in Wall Street Journal. It was insightful especially for folks (like me) who were NOT following this topic with feverish fervor. From the article, reproduced later on Andreessen’s blog, one can glean twelve takeaways – excerpted below. Why is Bitcoin relevant for social enterprises […]

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Embracing the “tech” in TechSangam

I’m  a huge fan of Marc Andreessen. I won’t wax eloquent about Andreessen but draw attention to his 2011 WSJ article Why software is eating the world. The article (specifically the title/quote) strongly resonated with me. It continues to influence my world view of the type of companies effecting dramatic changes in the world. Twitter religion […]

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Say hello to TechSangam 2.0

When I moved to Bangalore in 2008, I looked around for the “Indian TechCrunch”. There wasn’t one. Many single author blogs but no standout — either in content or writing style. PluggD.in (if it existed then) was too raw and early stage. In short, I wasn’t impressed and briefly toyed with the idea of throwing […]

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John Cochrane’s Mooconomics

[Editor’s Note: After a long time, I’ve read a most EXCELLENT post on state of the state of moocs. The author is John Cochrane, professor at University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. He taught a Coursera course on asset pricing last fall and has written a comprehensive and lucid post – what he learnt […]

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Select moments in TechSangam’s brief history

Rumors of TechSangam’s demise are greatly exaggerated. This post was meant to be about this. (But DON’T click on that link just yet… indulge me for a few more paragraphs please! There’s a bit of an anti-climax so all the more reason to wait!) In June 2013, I announced my full-time foray into an entrepreneurial venture. […]

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