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Indian security guard (Pic: courtesy Flickr/ayaschok)

A handicapped security guard and the promise of his talented daughter

[Editor’s Note: Apologies for the 9 days of hiatus in blogging. It was my first vacation since I started writing this blog. To pile on the excuses, it was my first vacation where my wife was working – so there! Wishing you all a Happy New Year and pledging that I’ll continue to strive to […]

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Picture 13: View from the other side

The Ugly Indian Chronicles – Volume 8

The TUI highlight in the past week is the SpotFix at Prestige St. Johns Wood – behind Oracle’s Koramangala office. This SpotFix merits a ‘Super’ prefix because they also installed a bay of urinals (WonderLoos in ‘Ugly Indian speak’). The TUI released video tells all: Sep 2012 Update: There’s an FAQ on Wonderloos at the […]

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UC Berkeley Brings Continuing Education to India via Partnership with Seer Akademi

Last week I was privileged to attend a special event on continuing education hosted by Indian Semiconductor Association (ISA). The presenters included the Vice-Chancellor of UC Berkeley (Frank Yeary), Dean of Continuing and Distance Education (Dr. Diana Wu), Gujarat Technological University’s (GTU) Vice Chancellor (Dr. Akshai Aggarwal), Seer Akademi’s Srikanth Jadcherla, and Stanford University’s Asia […]

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Color of money

A few weeks ago, I attended the two-day Unconvention 2011 – a social enterprise conference hosted by Villgro in Chennai. Nilima Achwal (Villgro Fellow) and I co-authored our conference report on the NextBillion blog – Villgro’s Unconvention 2011 – Key Takeaways. In social enterprise conferences, impact investing topics get a fair bit of air time and […]

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Dr. Eric Mazur, Harvard University Physics professor (Pic courtesy:

Peer Instruction Lessons from a Top Harvard Physics Professor

Last week I attended an interesting event on continuing education hosted by the Indian Semiconductor Association (ISA). Speakers at the event included the vice-chancellors of UC Berkeley and Gujarat Technological University (GTU), head of Stanford’s Asia Pacific Research Center, and founder of Seer Akademi. During the Q&A session, a questioner (from Synopsys) had a rather […]

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The Ugly Indian Chronicles – Volume 7

It’s official, folks. The time has come to take my relationship with The Ugly Indian (TUI) to the next level. But first let me talk about how this relationship has evolved. It started with occasionally viewing their SpotFix videos on Facebook. After I started writing this blog, I made a half-hearted attempt to contact them for […]

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Pic: Courtesy Rediff

Rebooting IAS an essential part of Reforms 2.0

[Editor’s Note: One of my favorite policy wonks and Indian foreign policy expert, Nitin Pai, has often argued that the top item on India’s todo list is Reforms 2.0. To the long list of second generation reforms, we propose that a sacred cow from India’s colonial past also be reformed – Indian Administrative Service (IAS). […]

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Calling bullshit on Forbes’ List of Top 30 Social Entrepreneurs

Normally I don’t pay much attention to Top [X] rankings. Maybe today was a slow news day. Maybe I just returned from Villgro’s Unconvention and am still chewing the cud so am hyper-sensitive on who is(isn’t) a social entrepreneur, what is(isn’t) a social enterprise. Scott Anderson’s article on NextBillion alerted me to this freshly released […]

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Trilochan Sastry (center), at a press conference

The many lives of Trilochan Sastry – academic, social activist, social entrepreneur

[Editor’s Note: Over the past few months, I had a series of conversations with Dr. Trilochan Sastry (Academic Dean, IIM-Bangalore). His academic pedigree is as blue-chip as it can get – B.Tech from IIT-Delhi, Ph.D from MIT, MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad, over a decade as faculty at IIM-Ahmedabad before moving to IIM-Bangalore in 2003. This blog post […]

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